Sound And Video

SAKURA -The song of the Cherry Blossom-

Diatonic harmonica : Dai Sekiguchi Composed and all other instruments performed by Dai Sekiguchi This song can be purchased from the link below. 

Moonbow PV

Makiko Hata / Dance

Dai Sekiguchi / Harmonica

This is a digest movie of the rehearsal of the event “Moonbow” to be held on 11/4, 2018

緋哭 -Scream of the Red-

Butoh / Daisuke Yoshimoto
Bok-koku / Kenryo Hara
Harmonica / Dai Sekiguchi

Event Planning & Photography / Rokka Ando

December 9th and 10th, 2017

Isso Miura's Solo Butoh event, Chimugurisa

Butoh / Isso Miura
Shakuhachi / André van Rensburg
Harmonica / Dai Sekiguchi

Lighting / Daisuke Yoshimoto
Costume Design / Keiko Hoshino
Photo / Rokka Ando

Special thanks to Space Cradle

This event was held on Apr 13, 2019.

Amazing Grace

This is a video of a street live performance at Tokyo Opera City, Sunken Garden. 

One Note Dance - Harmonica Ambient

Composed and performed by Dai Sekiguchi

鎖の翼 / Wings of Chain

This sound was recorded at the event, Wings of chain held at Fttari on July 15,2018.

Pechika Sato / Butoh
Dai Sekiguchi / Harmonica

Photo by Rokka Ando

Bok-Koku Exhibition

This performance was played by Bok-Koku (ancient calligraphy) members in Bok-Koku Exhibition in 2017.  The sound  of this video was  recorded for this video.