Sound And Video

緋哭 -Scream of the Red-

Butoh / Daisuke Yoshimoto
Bok-koku / Kenryo Hara
Harmonica / Dai Sekiguchi

Event Planning & Photography / Rokka Ando

December 9th and 10th, 2017

One Note Dance - Harmonica Ambient

Diatonic Harmonica / Dai Sekiguchi

Bok-Koku Exhibition

This performance was played by Bok-Koku (ancient calligraphy) members in Bok-Koku Exhibition in 2017.  The sound  of this video was  recorded for this video.

Amazing Grace

Dai Sekiguchi / Harmonica

The song title : Solo

Composed and performed by Dai Sekiguchi

A performance at Tokyo Performing Arts Festival, 2016 6,11

Isako Wakao / Dance
Miran Sakamoto / Vocal
Charlie Kato / Keybord
Dai Sekiguchi / Harmonicas
Youichi Sakata / Instalation​

This performance was played without preparation.

A Performance at Striped House Gallery, 2016 3,12

Megumi Miyaho / Dance
Minao Takinohara / Dance
Dai Sekiguchi / Sound​

This performance was played without preparation.

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